Emission-free Construction Sites


The Nordic countries are among the first in the world pursuing to set normative limits for the emission footprints of buildings. With the work package on Emission-Free Construction Sites, we will go a step further and include the construction phase.

The aim in this work package is to support a transition to emission-free construction sites through policymaking and through building the required competency and capacity in the building sector.

Currently, none of the Nordic countries has set normative criteria for emission-free construction sites, and the Nordics thus have a unique opportunity to harmonise regulations and guidelines.

The intent of the work package is to diminish carbon and other direct emissions at construction sites e.g. through using emission-free power sources, planning the seasonal use of heat and light at construction sites, but also through the development of logistical solutions to conserve transportation and handling resources in a way that diminishes emissions.

To create support, visibility and a solid foundation for an increased focus on emission-free construction sites, a common Nordic declaration will be formulated and steps taken to ensure its endorsement and acceptance by the Nordic construction industry.


  • Nordic Declaration on emission-free construction site endorsed by the Nordic Ministers of housing and construction and by the Nordic actors in the construction industry
  • Publish report on definitions, boundaries and terminology of the area
  • Establish a platform for co-operation on technology development and facilitate a brokering event or platform within a large gathering on construction issues
  • Encourage and facilitate Nordic research and innovation to support emission-free construction sites
  • Encourage and facilitate the development of guidelines for procurers and construction companies on emission free construction sites and produce an online guide
  • Publish report on main barriers and recommendations to emission-free construction sites in the Nordic countries

Work package responsible

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Iceland is responsible for the work package Emission-free construction sites.

The ministry is represented by Senior Advisor, Björn Karlsson, who is also an associated professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iceland.