Nordic Harmonisation of Life Cycle Assessment


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of buildings is quickly gaining ground in the Nordic countries.

At this stage, the Nordic countries have a unique chance to harmonise LCA-approaches and exchange knowledge on how to create and specify the regulation.

In this work package, Nordic Sustainable Construction will work towards establishing similar methods for building LCAs in the Nordic countries so that design and construction companies will be able to offer low carbon solutions in all the Nordic countries.

Furthermore, similar approaches will benefit policy-makers on national and municipal levels so that we can support each others' climate ambitions in regulation and in green public procurement, but also in the European policy development.

Finally, in order to digitalise the Nordic building design, construction and management processes, it is of high importance that we set joint criteria for digital LCA as well.


  • Analysis of Nordic LCA practices, including feasibility study and facilitation for harmonisation
  • Establishing a process for gathering generic data and setting future scenarios as well as for the interoperability with LCA-tools
  • Study on digitalisation of LCA, including guidance for BIM and development of training models for BIM-based LCA
  • Development of process for setting limit values
  • Establishing an acceleration programme online as well as on national level

Work package responsible

The Environmental Ministry of Finland is responsible for the work package on Nordic harmonisation of life cycle assessment.
The Ministry is represented by the project leader, Senior advisor Matti Kuittinen. Matti Kuittinen is an architect and also adjunct professor at Aalto University.