Nordic Sustainable Construction

Transition of the construction sector

The construction sector needs to transform towards sustainability, circular economy and lower the negative environmental and climate impact from construction.

Therefore, Nordic Sustainable Construction works to fulfill the ambition in Nordic Vision 2030 of establishing the Nordics as a leading region in sustainable and competitive construction and housing. To reach this vision, we work to accelerate the knowledge and capacity for a green transition in the Nordic construction sector, to ensure an aligned Nordic path in this transition and to strengthen collaboration – also beyond the Nordics.

Our focus areas

Within sustainable construction, we focus on Nordic harmonisation of life cycle assessment, sustainable construction materials and architecture, circular business models and procurement, increased reuse of construction materials, and emission-free construction sites.

By aiming our efforts on these specific areas, the programme functions as a direct source and knowledge-sharing platform to the newest research, projects, knowledge, events and best practice cases in the transition to sustainable construction across the Nordic countries. We provide an overview of current activities in the green transition of the Nordic construction sector.

To read more about our focus areas, view our programme's five workpackages