Nordic Sustainable Construction

The green transition of the construction industry in the Nordic region is undergoing great development.
The Nordic Ministers for Construction and Housing have strengthened their collaboration by initiating the action plan for “Nordic sustainable and competitive construction”. This collaboration is practically implemented through the programme, Nordic Sustainable Construction. The programme runs from 2021 to 2024.

The action plan and the programme Nordic Sustainable Construction are part of Nordic Vision 2030. This vision aims to make the Nordic countries the world's most sustainable and integrated region by 2030.
The goal is to create a green transition with green growth in the Nordic societies by working toward carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular and bio-based economy based on knowledge, innovation, mobility and digital integration.

Our programme, Nordic Sustainable Construction is contributing to this vision within the realm of construction and works to support the Nordic countries in establishing the Nordics as a leading region in sustainable and competitive construction with minimised environmental and climate impact.

How to accomplish this great ambition

Well aligned with the Nordic Vision 2030, Nordic Sustainable Construction believes in finding new and innovative Nordic solutions through generating and sharing knowledge across the Nordic borders and beyond.

On our way towards an aligned Nordic path for sustainable transition in construction, Nordic Sustainable Construction will engage Nordic lawmakers, as well as, public and private actors along the whole value chain of construction in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland.

The programme will address multiple interconnected sustainability angles in construction. Through the work in five work packages, Nordic Sustainable Construction will work toward regulatory harmonisation, creating best practice guidelines for the industry, mapping industry structures and practices to find improved solutions.

Dialogue and co-creation are key words in Nordic Sustainable Construction, and we call on engagement from public and private Nordic construction industry actors such as architects, engineers, contractors, craftsmen, materials and equipment suppliers, and public developers. Where relevant, Nordic Sustainable Construction will also collaborate with other relevant Nordic, EU and international initiatives.

Nordic Sustainable Construction will reach the ambitions for the programme through research, workshops, cases, regulatory work and capacity building. All programme activities will be announced on this website so please stay tuned for news and updates on this site.

Programme organisation

The programme work is organised into five work packages working with a specific area of sustainable construction to carry out the goals of Nordic Vision 2030. 

You can read more about the work packages by following the links in the box below.

If you are interested in hearing more about the programme, or if you see potential for collaboration – please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat at nordicsustainableconstruction@bpst.dk