Sustainable Construction Materials and Architecture


SUSTAINORDIC - Sustainable Construction Materials and Architecture will function as a change agent that aims to challenge the existing Nordic construction and architectural industry and to identify barriers and opportunities for concrete implementation and debate about next practices for sustainable construction materials.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration and a broad knowledge platform, the goal of this work package is to strengthen and increase Nordic bio-based and circular construction by focusing on relevant rules for wood and other bio-based construction materials and the value chain from forest to building based on a design perspective.

Integration of sustainable building materials in the the Nordic region

In this work package, we will map out best practices and identify levers and barriers for adopting circular and bio-based construction materials in architecture.
This way, we will enable further integration of sustainable building materials and innovation in the Nordic region.

Through participation in Nordic democracy festivals, work package 3 will map out the system around sustainable conduct in construction in the Nordics.
The focus will be on the role of governance and architecture in adopting sustainable materials and practices in Nordic construction and retrofit.

Establishment and facilitation of network

Furthermore, this work package will establish and facilitate a network that will explore how circular and bio-based construction materials can contribute to climate reductive measures such as sink, carbon storage, and fossil-carbon substitution.
With ambitious and critical stakeholders from the public and private sector, the network will gather, generate and share knowledge on how bio-based and circular materials can be adopted in the Nordic construction sector for enhanced climate, social, and economic benefits.

All the generated knowledge will feed into The Nordic Vision 2030.


  • Capacity building tour through presence at the Nordic democracy festivals and other selected activities in 2022 (visit event page to get an overview of events)
  • Network events for actors within the field of sustainable construction materials and architecture
  • Present at UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen 2023
  • Dissemination of identified results regarding Nordic sustainable construction materials and architecture

Work package responsible

The work package responsible for Sustainable Construction Materials and Architecture is Form / Design Center based in Malmö, Sweden.

Form / Design Center is represented by managing director, Dorte Bo Bojesen leading the project along side with Pernille Martiny Modvig, Designer and producer at Climate KIC.