Programme Secretariat and Activities for Increased Reuse of Construction Materials

Want to strengthen your competences in reuse?

This work package entails the Programme Secretariat which leads the capacity-building efforts across the Nordic countries to support selected parts of the construction value chain in gaining the skills needed to increase the reuse of building materials in the Nordic region.

The Secretariat is also responsible for the overall external and internal communication of the knowledge created in the programme and establishing partnerships with key stakeholders in the Nordic construction industry to ensure that the knowledge created will be shared across the Nordic region and beyond.

Capacity building within reuse of construction materials

The reuse of building materials is pivotal to minimising the environmental and climate impacts of the construction industry. It also requires actions from several actors across the construction value chain.

The intention of the work package is thus to identify where to capacity build the Nordic construction sector with the knowledge and skills needed to push this agenda. Based on this identification, the work package will develop and disseminate capacity-building activities to selected parts of the Nordic construction industry.

International collaborations

The Nordic construction industry does not operate in a vacuum, and several initiatives on research, methods and practices for sustainable construction are happening outside the Nordic region.

To ensure the best way forward for sustainable and competitive construction in the Nordics, we also need to establish coherence and knowledge sharing with relevant projects and initiatives internationally and at the EU level.

As a result, besides ensuring coordination and cohesion within the Nordic Sustainable Construction programme, this work package coordinates the efforts to integrate the programme work in relevant international initiatives. These range from participation in conferences to joint collaborations and EU related regulation such as Levels and CPR Acquis.


Capacity building for students at vocational educations

The work package has also initiated a project to strengthen students hands-on capacity to reuse construction materials at vocational educations across the Nordics. Read about it here.

Communication and programme coordination

Throughout the first phase of the project, the Programme Secretariat has established the programme’s communication channels and secured programme cohesion, communication and coordination.

Communication partnerships

Furthermore, the Secretariat has developed strategic communication partnerships with key stakeholders in the Nordic construction industry to entrench the results of the project in the industry.

Upcoming activities

  • Identify in which areas of the Nordic Construction industry that capacity-building activities within reuse of building materials will create most value
  • Develop and disseminate capacity-building activities
Work package responsible

The Danish  Authority for Social Services and Housing

Helle Redder Momsen
Head of Secretariat for Nordic Sustainable Construction

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